As this year starts, so does my first-ever attempt at blogging. So, as I use this new method to communicate ideas and to solicit feedback, my first blog is more of an introduction, but on regular basis, I will be blogging about things related to technology, management practices, research and at times posing questions to the readers for input.


Currently I am working in Thomson Reuters as a Director and am also an aspiring MBA student – preparing for my GMAT and looking at B-school applications. I will use this as a medium to share thoughts around various subjects I have been reading about, my B-school experience, and give you insights to my thoughts/opinions which should be fun 🙂

Did I start by saying “I use this new method to communicate ideas” I know, you all are thinking “Parvez, welcome to 2000” – Well, blame it on work schedule or being part of a family with wife kids. In my free time (when I am not trying or reading about strategy or technology), I enjoy cooking and playing Golf. Working on innovative ideas, and applying technology to simplify things is my passion, but I also enjoy core strategy and finance work.

Thank you for reading my first blog – If you have some interesting topics you would like me to cover, or have general feedback, please share them in the comments.