Wharton Term 1

August 29, 2011

Given the schedule, I think my target now is to do about one blog per term to share what I did and share atleast one homework assignment or paper to keep things interesting.

Term 1

Credits Course ID Course Title
1.0 ACCT-620-702 Financial Accounting
0.5 MGEC-603-702 Basic Microecon Analysis
0.5 MGEC-621-702 Managerial Economics
0.5 MGMT-621-702 Mgmt of People At Wrk
0.5 MGMT-653-702 Field Application Proj

Field Application Proj paper:

Transition to Practice Program for Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

Introduction: This paper examines the needs of newly graduated Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (PNP) to fully competent PNPs managing a full patient load, and makes recommendations to create or improve the transition process.  We collected data through focus group interviews and anonymous surveys. Over 650 PNPs, physicians and nurse leaders responded from hospitals nationwide.

Our initial findings suggested that:

  • PNPs experience substantial challenges transitioning into their new role
  • A variety of components, if included in a formal transition program, can positively impact the transition process.

The majority of PNPs surveyed did not participate in a transition program because their hospital or clinic did not provide one (Figure 1).

Diagnosis & Recommendations: We highlight key components of a successful transition program, from data collected in focus groups, surveys, theories covered in class and research publications Approximately 39% of the respondents did not have specific goals, 73% of respondents indicated that their supervisor did not set their performance goals, and only 35% of PNP respondents have clear milestones that are measured on a regular basis (Figure 2). We recommend that PNPs actively work with their supervisors to set specific goals and have intermediate milestones to help measure progress.  We also recommend holding supervisors accountable for managing an annual goal-setting process for the PNPs, and for reviewing the goals every 4 to 6 months.  We also learned of other deficits in the transition process including a lack of feedback, mentoring, a peer network, and clearly defined roles.

Key Recommendations for the Transition Program
·         Setting clear goals with intermediate milestones ·         Specialty PNP education and procedural training
·         Supervisors & physicians provide additional feedback ·         Time dedicated to studying during work
·         Establish mentorship programs (include physicians) ·         Simulation and scenario-based training
·         Provide emotional support – setup teams ·         Access to resources – common issues knowledge banks

Application of FAP findings: The recommendations detailed in the report will be piloted in two hospitals.  Additionally, the team will distribute the results to children’s hospitals and clinics nationwide to help address this timely and critical need.

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