Patent Granted – A Method and System for Click-Thru Capacity in Electronic Media

January 6, 2016

Better Late Than Never!!!

Patent Target: Content Systems and products (Data transparency and auditability for content – from raw data collection to customer desktop delivery)

Executive Summary: Data (numbers) customers often see on our products have gone through a significant amount of calculations. Complex calculations using data taken from different documents are required to come up with the correct results. Using this patent customer can click on a number on our product and see the formula with actual values used – if the number used in the formula was also derived through a calculation the customer can that formula as well (recursively), until the customer gets to the raw data. (The raw data could be a set of numbers from multiple 1,000+ page documents like annual reports, research reports, court filings etc.)

Technology Implementation Summary: Standardized a way for content systems to represent complex proprietary formulas by extending MathML and integrating it into the content and product delivery systems.


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